After 13 years of living with carpal tunnel syndrome Dr. Gomes helped me in such a way that I can finally get a good night sleep without having to wake up in the middle of the night with aching, numb hands with pins and needles.
Thank you Dr. Gomes.
Stella Fourie

I have been with Dr Gomes for 2 years now and all I can say is there’s been progress on my back pains. I have been struggling with Scoiliosis for years and have tried different ways to monitor it. The best decision was meeting Dr Gomes. The best service ever, the skill he uses to adjust is way better than a massages.
Refilwe Kunatu

I’ve had back pains and in pain medication for years, till February 2024 when I found myself hospitalized in ICU, after being discharged I find out about Dr Gomes. I went to his rooms for sessions. April 4 2024 I’m pain medication free because of Dr Gomes. Thank you so much. God Bless.
Charlie Kroon

Absolutely amazing Dr and reception staff. Great service, professional and positive experience. Highly recommend Dr Gomes for any spinal issue.
Dee Trollip

Great Dr. Can highly recommend them.
Amanda Palm

Excellent dr, Dr Gomes helped me in two sessions to get rid of my pain that I had for 2 years. I’m so grateful to him and can’t thank him enough. He really made a big difference in my life….and I will recommend him to anyone with back, buttocks and leg pain . Dr Gomes is brilliant.
Pam Van Den Berg

One of the best if not the best ever. First class service and treatment.
Henry Marx

What an awesome Doc to see. Very informative and thorough. Highly recommended.
Theunis Conradie

Had suffered back pain for 2 years but Dr Neil Gomes brought back the pain free body in me. I am glad I continued with sessions even after my medical aid funds got finished. The feeling is really worth paying for. I would really recommend him for best Chiropractor. Don’t get use to pain – get help.
Layezile Mkhize

I was skeptical at first but once the first treatment was done the backpain I have been suffering with was a thing of the past. I would recommend Dr Gomes to anyone that will listen.
Nikita De Reuck

Dr Gomes did a fantastic job of stopping my tension headaches, changing my life for the better. He also helped me understand how the headaches are caused. With his recommendations I have been headache free for eighteen months.
Mike Stratton

Dr Gomes is very thorough in his diagnostic analysis to ensure that the root cause is addressed rather than symptomatic relief. I highly recommend and applaud him for his passion to help people…a true Medical Professional.
Divesh Bhooshun

I had an awesome experience with doc Neil Gomes…. I had deep severe pains on my left shoulder which I suffered for days and could hardly move my neck .I finally went to see Doc Gomes and he inserted a needle to where the pain was and boom I was myself again the next day. He is really a great Chiropractor and will recommend him to anyone any day.
Nishaal Singh

Dr Gomes is very professional and I regard him as a very good Chiro. He certainly knows what to do to ease the pain. My Father-in-law came to visit and was also very satisfied with the treatment he received. Natalie and Dr Gomes is always friendly and helpful. Thank you for the good service.
Marika Marais

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and thankfulness for the outstanding and excellent service I have received from Dr Gomes. I have been to other doctors for my. Leg pain with no improvement. After consultation with Dr Gomes I have seen a significant difference with only two treatments. Wow wow wow indeed a service of excellence. Thank you Dr Gomes.
Kevin Govender

He is very good at what he does. Would recommend his services to anyone who suffers with pinched nerves and back pain.
Tracy-Lee Britz

Dr Gomes helped to sort out my painful wrist and shoulder due to work. I am really grateful, because next option was surgery. Thank you for your help.
Wilma Wouda

Very friendly and excellent service.
Alicia Beukes

Amazing results of treatments.
Meredith Jordaan

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